Since the Cinema 4: Cel Bloc relies not just on cartoons from my own collection of DVDs and dusty VHS tapes, I just want to take the opportunity to point people to the Refrederator, from which three of the past week's cartoons were culled. Honestly, I already own these films on DVDs with quality ranging from terrible to OK, but the form in which the fine folks at Refrederator place them is well considered and the quality, despite the agedness of the material, seems to be relatively high, or at least, the best that can be found. You can go to iTunes and sign up for the podcast (which I have), and I will say, it is nice to get on the computer each day and fine a nicely gift-wrapped cartoon waiting for you when you open iTunes. (They seem to play better, however, when you reopen them in QuickTime, though.) I hate to rip on fellow cartoon fiends, but the Vintage ToonCast (also available on iTunes) also presents some of the same films, but with ugly black bars wrapped around half of the screen, presenting reminders that the films are archival footage courtesy of I don't appreciate the distraction, and since the films can be downloaded sans this information for free on, I just find this whole business of the black bars unnecessary. Refrederator opens and closes with plugs for their site, but they are brief, and once the film starts, there are no further interruptions or distractions. Kudos to the Refrederator! (Thanks, Leif/Hepcat, for pointing out the site, but I was already signed up!)

This week on the Cinema 4: Cel Bloc -
Sunday, 5/14/06: The Bear That Couldn't Sleep (1939) Cel Bloc Rating: 7
Monday, 5/15/06:
The Fishing Bear (1942) Cel Bloc Rating: 6
Tuesday, 5/16/06: Heir Bear (1953) Cel Bloc Rating: 7
Wednesday, 5/17/06: The Paneless Window Washer (1937) Cel Bloc Rating: 7
Thursday, 5/18/06: The Valiant Tailor (1934) Cel Bloc Rating: 7
Friday, 5/19/06: A Bout With A Trout (1947) Cel Bloc Rating: 6
Saturday, 5/20/06: Is My Palm Read (1933) Cel Bloc Rating: 8


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