waking into a dream journal 12.08.07

this morning's reason to hit the snooze alarm:
dead mary
director: robert wilson // 2006
cinema 4 rating (final): 4

perhaps I left off with this film the other morning at exactly the moment when any admiration I may have had for its few good points had reached their apex -- i did think that perhaps some reflection upon what I saw initially might open me up to what the film was offering -- turns out, reflection only reminding that the film had nothing to offer -- i care even less for these people this morning, though i will say that the acting is still pretty far beyond what is normally required in these features -- the bridget fonda-lookalike though, who is actually a paris hilton-act-alike, is not part of that group -- strange how i am watching a film where dominique swain is getting drenched in the rain and i don't give a rat's ass -- how the mighty fine have fallen -- should i give kudos to a film about college reunion kids in a remote cabin for not going the t-and-a route, or should i give it demerits? -- as far as i can tell, if you don't really establish any rules for the supernatural element in your story, then you don't have to worry about following them -- the lines seems to be crossing themselves here, and the plot doesn't make a lick of sense to me by this point -- and finally, this film ends about 20 minutes past the interest mark -- all more of a shame since it is a decently shot film, with some imaginative bits -- it almost feels like a classic that should have been -- nice try, but too dull by half, and ultimately unfulfilling...


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