Where in the Disney World is Rik?

Yes, I am in Disney World right now. The world is falling apart, the economy is shit, Robin Meade (like her increasingly superficial ilk) is considered an actual journalist (whatever that word means anymore -- the channels here at night are crap, so we are stuck with a lot of the Wiggles and CNN, both of equal weight) and I am partying my butt off at Disney World.

Well, not really. This has been a far more relaxed trip than we did last year, but we also have more time in which to pack all of the entertainment. We even spent an entire day yesterday NOT going into any of the parks, just hopping about around some of the hotels we hadn't been to yet. I was disappointed at first, calling it The Day of No Parks. But then I proclaimed it The Day of Hotel Exploration and went with it. Some excellent food for lunch and dinner is a good start, but the capper was walking around the Animal Kingdom Lodge and checking out the various animals that actually surround the environs. The only drawback is how far the Lodge is from where we are staying. In fact, the commuting we did yesterday actually ate up a large portion of the day, but no matter. Fun is fun, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Parks, hotels... don't be a whiner and enjoy your time here.

I am going to post some notes from the past few days, and I am going to backdate them to the day after their respective events. Therefore, you will notice some items slightly older than this missive, even though they are being put up after it. I just wanted things to line up properly. They are only notes, so forgive the scattershot manner in which certain sections have been constructed, though I think you will find, in my normal way, that they are probably more constructed than the examples that would normally constitute the plural noun "notes."

We are barely to the halfway mark on our trip, so we have so much more to do. Epcot today.

From the forests of Fort Wilderness, on a rocking chair on a porch in only one of two WiFi spots in the surrounding acreage,
Rik Tod


Erin said…
"From the forests of Fort Wilderness, on a rocking chair on a porch in only one of two WiFi spots in the surrounding acreage"

FYI: Fort Wilderness actually three WiFi spots: the Internet Cafe at the Outpost, the Meadows, and Crockett's Tavern. Guests have also picked up the Contemporary from the FW marina.
Rik Tod said…
Yeah, that's what they told me last year when I was just inquiring about it but didn't have a computer with me. This time, they said they only had it in two locations, which upset me because I really wanted to go up and sit on the rocking chairs outside Crockett's Tavern so I see the lake while I wrote. Darn it...

Actually, your comment would have really helped me if I actually had decided to use the WiFi again on my trip before I left. Then I could have tried out those spots. But the $9.95 charge for 24 contiguous hours kind of got in the way.

Thanks for letting me know though. I appreciate the knowledge. Perhaps I will use it on my next trip there. You are awesome. Thanks again!

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