Dylan Goes "Select, Rik" - Shuffle Mode, Monday, May 4, 2009

Man, I really wanted to get Part 2 of my Troll movie adventures recap up before this weekend, and I did say I was going to expound on my ratings scale on Sunday. I really did intend for all of that to happen. But, as it happens so often, migraines got the best of me for a couple of days, and everything, to paraphrase Rigby Reardon, kind of shifted all out of whack. So, I am still working on finishing both pieces, and Part II of For Whom the Bull Trolls will likely not get up until at least tomorrow night, followed by the ratings explanation sometime on Thursday.

As a temporary space-filler, here’s a peek at my iPod this morning, which kept me going as I tried out my brand new sneakers. The old ones squeak incessantly, having popped a few of the support struts during my speed-walking routine of the past few months, and the squeaks were getting goofy looks from people sitting on bus benches and cars at traffic stops. Or maybe I was getting the goofy looks on general purposes. Probably the last one… but I am used to that.

Here’s this morn's shuffle:

1. It’s Gonna Be A Long Night – Ween / Quebec
2. Oh Daddy – Adrian Belew / Mr. Music Head
3. I Ride My Bike – Cracker / Tucson (ep)
4. Cold War – Devo / Freedom of Choice
5. It’s A Dark Day – The Reverend Horton Heat / Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em
6. Holiday for Strings – Spike Jones & the City Slickers / The Spike Jones Anthology
7. Kevin Barry – Lonnie Donegan / Rock Island Line: The Singles Anthology 1955-1967
8. Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? – Frank Zappa / Joe’s Garage
9. That Teenage Feeling – Neko Case / Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
10. Take Me With U – Prince and the Revolution / Purple Rain
11. Sifl & Olly News: Olly’s Psychic Helmet / The Sifl & Olly Show
12. Good Texan – The Vaughan Brothers / Family Style

I like the transition from Donegan, a British skiffle/folk singer who deeply influenced the Beatles, to Zappa’s social disease silliness, then straight to the haunted vocal landscapes of Ms. Case. Wholly inappropriate, such segues, and exactly why I have slowly grown to love shuffle mode. Of course, jumping from the Reverend Heat's bleak blues to the chicken-squawking, awooga-horn-laced Spike Jones oddity is just as goony a jump. Actually, my old squeaky sneaks would have fit Jones' Holiday for Strings quite nicely. Just another wacky percussion instrument in a giant pile of wacky percussion instruments.

As a side observation, I discovered twt.fm today, a Twitter app that allows you to search out a favorite song, and then prep it to play from a link placed on your Twitter page. Started out with one of my favorite Robyn Hitchcock tunes this morning, which has garnered 19 plays, and might have led to two people dropping my page. One can only hope. Those without the proper taste, or at least those without the capacity to try out new artists and styles, are not welcome. Must weed out the weaklings.

And now, after a nice 12-hour day of prepping our new work website for tomorrow a.m.'s scheduled launch, I am too exhausted to write any longer. Hopefully, I will be able to finish the second Troll piece tomorrow, because tonight is one for the books. The Celtics lost before I even made it home an hour ago, which has me grouchy, and my stomach is aching, not from hunger, but most likely from an alien life form nestled somewhere behind my pancreas. That little green guy is clearly as tired as I am, and just as pouty. (The other one, most likely green from a misspent youth, is never sleepy...) So, to bed for me, and I will plan on reading some R.W. Chambers until Jen gets home. Though, with any luck, I will be asleep in mere seconds. Out.


Mark Otis said…
How do I get to your twitter page? I am a newby at all things twitter - so new, in fact, that I have not even used it once.
Rik Tod said…

There is a link at the bottom of my Twitter roll on the sidebar that will get you there.

Or I could just give you the direct link here: http://twitter.com/TheCinema4Pylon

Also, everything I put there ends up on the Facebook page and here on the sidebar.


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