More New Fun at the Cinema 4: Cel Bloc!

"I command you to visit Cinema 4: Cel Bloc!"
This is just a quick reminder that my animation blog, Cinema 4: Cel Bloc, is indeed live and breathing again. I have spent some time recently updating images and doing some edits (large and small, depending on the circumstances) to posts that were first published eight to nine years ago, and I plan on doing that until the entire site looks sharper than ever.

However, the best part is that I am creating new material for the site again, reviewing cartoons that I had not hit yet, and having a grand time doing it. My second post of the new era just went up tonight, a look back at MGM's Tom and Jerry classic, Heavenly Puss. Tom tries to kill Jerry, and gets crushed by a piano. His soul takes an escalator to heaven, but his past misdeeds against the little mouse might get the better of him. To avoid going to hell, Tom has to convince Jerry to sign a Certificate of Forgiveness, or Tom will be tossed into the pit with a Satanic bulldog!!

To see some swell pictures from the cartoon and to read the full synopsis and my comments, click this link: I hope you have fun with these articles, and feel free to check some of my older articles.




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