More Cinema 4 Pylon Goodness on the Rupert Pupkin Speaks Blog!

Just a heads up to any of my regular followers about an article that I have put together for another website...

My friend Brian has a blog called Rupert Pupkin Speaks (and if you don't know who Mr. Pupkin is, boo on you). Apart from telling the world about new blu-ray and DVD releases, Brian has a regular group of fellow movie obsessives submit articles based around various topics that he sends out to us.

After a couple of years of promising him that I would take part but not getting back in the game of writing regularly, everything is a go. Today, he posted my piece on "Underrated Films of 1945". 

If you are interested in reading my selections for that year -- or even if you love me, or mildly like me -- follow this link:

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