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It has been a little bit since I have posted here. This has been due to an ongoing illness of which I am just now starting to recover, thanks to a series of helpful doctors and any number of medical procedures and prescriptions. I am not yet 100%, but I seem to be working my way back to health, and will hopefully at least have a firm grip on learning to live with my particular disease in the next couple of weeks. There are still some doctor visits ahead, which will hopefully include the formulation of a plan of attack that will see my feeling much better soon.

The past seven weeks or so has been pretty much a wash for me, and I have been largely unable to sit at a computer for more than a few minutes at a time. Thus, there has been zero output across any of my numerous websites. Luckily, many weeks ago at the outset of my illness, my pal Brian Saur asked me for a new list for his Rupert Pupkin Speaks blog. The topic was "Underrated Films of 1996". A few films came to mind right away, and because I was not yet quite in the pain and state of fear that I would be a handful of days later, I was able to churn out a short piece featuring four favorite films from 1996 of which I was particularly enamored and that I wish more people had paid more attention to at the time.

Rik Tod Johnson's Underrated Films of 1996
Check out the list on Brian's blog, and while you are there, please check out some of the other lists provided by our fellow cinephiles, some of whom are fairly well-known (and sometimes quite well-known) directors, writers, and critics. And some of them are just regular Joes like me. What we share is a great love of cinema (both highbrow and lowbrow) and a need to shout out loud when we find something we love. And for goodness sake, please leave comments!

Brian recently posted a couple of other lists that I created and wrote about for his site. Here are the links:

Film Discoveries of 2015

Underrated Films of 1945

Also completed (primarily) before I got sick was the next installment of Visiting and Revisiting, a shared column with my writing partner, Aaron Lowe. The new column is about the 1978 Italian sci-fi cult classic, Starcrash, starring the voluptuous (and sadly dubbed) Caroline Munro. I will probably post my opening half of the column tomorrow (Wednesday, March 23) and then Aaron will follow suit on his blog, Working Dead Productions, with the second half. We will announce on our social media pages when the posts are live.

Take care, and it is good to be (mostly) back.




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