Flickchart Comment #14: Inception (2010) vs. Star Wars (1977)

 The following comment was actually written in response to the first comment posted on Flickchart about this match-up. kingbee63's verdict was "Sorry, Star Wars"  (without a closing period). Because I no longer trust how people tend to write in emails, boards and comment sections (i.e. with some semblance of the English language), even when the response seems clear in a short message, I am always looking for the trap hidden within their words. It was hard to ascertain whether kingbee63 meant "Sorry, Star Wars, but I am going with Inception" or "Sorry, but Star Wars is the only clear choice here."

My comment, based upon the assumption that kingbee63 meant the former, not the latter:

Give it some distance, kingbee63. A year or two from now, once the Inception hype dies down (it actually has already begun to do so), see it again and decide. Especially if you love Star Wars enough to apologize to it. I always find it is best to rate recent movies down the timeline a bit, once you have let them digest for awhile. You have to make sure it goes past the fast food stage. Cheap hamburgers are great straight off the counter, but fifteen minutes after you eat them, there is often that regret stage, where you feel with just a little more forethought, you could have eaten something far better. Don't get me wrong. I adored Inception (and Chris Nolan), but it needs to get past the usual knee-jerk apparatus of current popularity before it really start to be compared to the true classics.


Alexis said…
That, my friend, is why I have chosen never EVER to EVER again recommend a movie. What may seem good at first may not have staying power. How many DVD's do I own that sit dusty on the shelf because I loved it in the theater, liked it enough to buy it, but not enough to watch it over and over again. I LOVE the fast food analogy!

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