Return of the Comic Strip Games: A Halloween Bonus

After yesterday's mind-melt on this site, I need a day off to reboot. But I didn't want my regular guests to be left empty-handed for the Countdown to Halloween celebration, especially since I delivered a different sort of goods yesterday far removed from October concerns.

This is a comic strip that my brothers, Mark and Chris, and I concocted a few years ago as we were traveling around Idaho in a motorhome with our dad for his 70th birthday. It was a variation on the surrealist games we like to play when we are together. I would start with a couple of lines of text written in a frame, one of my brothers would draw the artwork in the frame, and then do the art for the next box, where I then had to continue the story text-wise, the artwork would then go to my other brother, and so on. We did eleven of these on our trip that week, having a grand old time playing art games again, and mainly enjoying being all together for the first time in a good while.

As for the comic, we were creating these in early August, so it shows that our minds are never that far from Halloween at any time of year. We were also bumping down the rode most of the time in the RV, and doing multiple pages at once, so some of the pencil lines and text are more than a little erratic. But the best of them have a nice underground comic feel to them, thanks mainly to the artwork of both Mark and Chris.

If you are interested in reading more of these comics or would like to learn more about the game we used to create them, click the link to begin reading Comics on the Road to Nowhere? Pt. 1 of 11: Tod's Balls. I hope you enjoy them.


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