Return of the Son of Terrible Movies Promo Blowout! [Pt. 2]

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As I mentioned in Part 1 of the Return of the Son of Terrible Movies Promo Blowout, I had basically cut my eyeteeth on the catalogue of films that aired after midnight on The World's Most Terrible Movies and its followup, Son of Terrible Movies, in Anchorage, Alaska back in the late '70s. And, as such things tend to go, it would have been relegated to a dim but delightful memory for the rest of my life had I not written about in a passing way on The Cinema 4 Pylon a decade ago.

When I first created The Cinema 4 Pylon in 2005, I naturally started writing about the things that had influenced me the most in my youth, and chief amongst them was The World's Most Terrible Movies. A couple of years later after posting that reference, it was found online by Richard Gay, who turned out to not only be the fellow in charge of promoting the The World's Most Terrible Movies when he lived in Anchorage in those days, but he was also the one responsible for the concept and content of the show.

Richard (who had relocated to Seattle in the intervening years) emailed me and we struck up a wonderful conversation, filled with his reminisces of those bygone days. The conversation eventually led to Richard sending me a disc filled with the old promotional clips and intros used for the show when it aired.

Some of the clips were separate, but most were included in a huge hour-plus block of clips and short films Richard had produced in his time at KIMO-TV. Not all of them were useful for my purposes (though interesting to anyone who grew up watching television in Alaska in those times), so I went through the block and edited out the pieces I needed for the website. Richard had given me permission to use them as I might online, since I had the particular obsession with the show.

I initially threw a few of The World's Most Terrible Movies promos up on Vimeo (though most of the individual film promos themselves were actually for Son of Terrible Movies), but somewhere in the midst of completing the project, that old demon Depression took hold of me and I stopped working on the blog almost totally for the next few years.

To be continued...


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