Head On Over to Rupert Pupkin Speaks for More Pylon Goodness!

A short post here where it seems like I am tooting my own horn (which I am to a large degree), but mainly I want to direct anybody that frequents my blog to visit the Rupert Pupkin Speaks blog instead.

My friend Brian, who runs the site, has posted a piece today that I wrote on the topic "Film Discoveries of 2015". These are films, older than the year 2000, that I saw for the very first time in 2015 and that made an impression on me when I watched them. I selected five that I felt were of high and enduring quality that pleased me greatly, but then threw in a really Grade-Z, ultra low-budget monster flick from the '70s at the end of the article that I found to be particularly memorable and entertaining.

Rik Tod Johnson's Film Discoveries of 2015

I hope that you enjoy my article, and while you are on Brian's site, please check out many of the other writers who have contributed their articles on this same topic since the start of the year. There are directors, screenwriters, critics, and many other fellow cinephiles who have written of their favorite new discoveries. The most incredible part is that, because everyone's cinematic journey is entirely different, there are few (if any) repeats mentioned across all of the lists.

Brian posted an earlier piece of mine in December that you can also read here:

I hope that you enjoy my article, and please leave a comment on Brian's blog while you are at it.




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