Introducing My New Food Allergy Blog... Intelli-Allergentsia!

I just started a new blog about food allergies called Intelli-Allergentsia. Visit…/the-road-less-sw… to read the first part of my telling how I found myself suddenly plunged into the wheat-free world.

Eventually, I hope to include food reviews, restaurant reviews, and general discussion of other food allergen groups beyond mine (wheat, rye, shellfish, and codfish). I may even solicit articles from my friends with similar problems in the future so that they can tell their stories or give their observations.

Please feel free to leave comments on there as well. I want this conversation to continue, and we will all have an easier time negotiating the food alternative world when we share. If there are wheat or gluten-free food products you would like me to review, or restaurants in the Southern California area that have good gluten-free options, please throw me your suggestions if you'd like.

And if you are someone who just automatically thinks this is me being trendy, you should probably take the time to read the full article (in three parts) when it has been posted to see how wrong you are. Not everybody is a hipster. Not everybody does things just because they think it makes them feel better. Not everyone asks questions or for special menus in restaurants because they crave being the center of attention. It's embarrassing.

I would eat a regular cheeseburger right now with real, honest to goodness bread full of wheat flour if I could be assured that I wasn't going to projectile vomit it across the room twenty minutes later. And then cough endlessly for the next four hours. Shut up and read the story...




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