Meanwhile, Other "Countdown to Halloween" Fun in Cinema 4 Land...

Just a couple quick notices to make you aware of posts and articles on my other sites that tie into the launch of Countdown to Halloween this morning:


Spooks (1930)

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit faces off against a parody version of the Phantom of the Opera as he tries to protect his girlfriend Kitty in Walter Lantz's 1930 short, Spooks. There might even be a strange swipe at Walt Disney in the film in the use of a mouse (or a series of mice) that looks exactly like Mickey Mouse, the character that Disney and Ub Iwerks created to replace the stolen Oswald. The first of seven Halloween-oriented cartoons that will be featured throughout the month of October on Cinema 4: Cel Bloc.


The Munsters in "Marineland Carnival" Promo (1965)

CBS did some cross-promotion and had the stars of one of their primetime hits take part in an early television special built around Marineland of the Pacific in Palos Verdes, California. Naturally, for me to discuss such a thing on the The Shark Film Office, sharks need to be involved in some small way, yes? Well, sort of almost maybe. Find out how through the link above.



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