Other Countdown to Halloween Thrills in Cinema 4 Land...

If you stopped by here because of the Countdown to Halloween website, thanks for visiting. I have posted new material every single day in October thus far, and plans are to keep that going for the rest of the month. But I have other sites taking part in the Countdown this year, so I want to take the opportunity to let you know about what is going on at one of them today.

On my animation website, Cinema 4: Cel Bloc, I have a post about a 1930 cartoon from Van Beuren Studios called The Haunted Ship, starring a long-forgotten team called Waffles the Cat and Don the Dog. The pair would only star in a few shorts before being humanized into a more well known team called Tom and Jerry, who would make a couple dozen shorts before retiring for good. Years later, MGM would take up those character names for a totally unrelated cat and mouse team of their own, and make cartoon history.

The Haunted Ship is an odd little cartoon, both an undersea adventure involving sharks, eels, rays, turtles, and octopuses, but also a full on Halloween cartoon, in which they tangle with skeletons and monsters as well. And its also a bit of a musical. Somehow, it ends up being far more enjoyable and watchable than you might think.

You can read all about The Haunted Ship by clicking here.

And keep checking back here on The Cinema 4 Pylon for more Countdown to Halloween fun!



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