Cousin Huet and Brother Dave... Not So Much Resting, but Having a Peaceable Time

When Jen surprised me with these for my birthday about three years ago or so, I didn't realize that I even wanted them. I didn't even know they existed, so therefore I never had a craving to own them. But there they were, heavy and bulky and surrounded by that annoying Styrofoam shell-casing that shreds as you pull them out of the packaging so that it gets all over your floor, so that you keep discovered minute white, foam pellets for the next three years every time you look down.

I had never known that I wanted them, but I am sure glad they are here now. It turns out they were one of the most unique and cool surprise presents I have received since a certain someone scored me an eighteen foot that lit up with "LIBRARY" in giant, two-foot-high block letters (and that only weighed about 250 pounds). Storage is impossible, since the foam shredded so much, so they now stay relatively out in the open for most of the year. I just make them a little more prominent come Halloween time. And now I can't have a holiday without 'em.


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