FEED ME!!!! Redux

Longtime Alaskan pals of mine will immediately recognize the puppet above as Audrey III, who not only was used in a costume contest about 20 years ago, but also took part in various dirty puppet shows over the years at the Three Barons Faire in Anchorage. As for that costume contest, my attempt to portray myself and Audrey III as the Rick Moranis version of Seymour Krelborn and Audrey II from the 1986 musical film of Little Shop of Horrors was only slightly brought down by the fact that a couple of votes for us were actually for "Buddy Holly carrying a plant." Fucking idiots...

I spent a large proportion of time this weekend finally digging into my many boxes of various and sundry Halloween folderol, practically taking up most of Saturday sorting through items at which I had not given five seconds glance over the five-plus years I have been in California. Dozens of monster action figures, playsets, cars, decorative objects... you name it, it's there. After a half-decade of only carving a pumpkin or three and watching a lot of horror movies, I decided to take back a little bit of Halloween for myself (hence my joining the Countdown to Halloween cycle of blogs celebrating the holiday). Along with this came the task of finding a few small items that I could sneak into the workplace so I could Halloweenize my office a tad.
Audrey III with new pals Forever Yeti and Googly Vern
Gojira and King Kong are always present in my office, but what I really needed in the place to give it some class was a plant. But not a real one... no, no, no! I have already killed (astonishingly enough) two bamboo plants in the past year, so my thumb is really more of an "amber alert" for the plant world than green in any measure. Then I was reunited with Audrey III, and I immediately knew that she was going to have to grace the bookshelf in my cramped little office. Besides, she requires no actual food nor water, just imaginary blood (or so I have been led to believe).

She is really a fantastically designed puppet, and even comes with a velcro tongue to which a fat little fly accessory can be attached. The top of her trap accommodates the four fingers of your hand, and has individual pockets so she doesn't operate as a simple open-and-close style hand puppet. You can get some interesting expression out of her at times.

I couldn't believe how much I missed having Audrey III out in public, but she is definitely back to stay as long as she decides to stick around.
Audrey III messin' with Gojira


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