Taming the Wild, Relentlessly Happy, Store-Bought Candy Corn!

Halloween in our household, of course, can also be roughly translated into "presents for the dogs" (or is that "ruffly" translated?)

This time, I present our delightful but constantly scheming India with her new pal, Mr. Candy Corn, whom I purchased for her at Compass Books in Downtown Disney last weekend. 

I believe India now has more toys than I do (our other pup Isabelle only plays with toys when she spies an opportunity to steal them from India and then taunt her with them). India is in constant play mode, at least until she decides she is being neglected, at which point her scheming comes into play. She has to convince herself that she has injured herself and receive comfort from the nearest person.

The progression basically goes like this: 

1. Play-play-play
2. Bounce-bounce
3. "YIIIPP!"
4. Skitter-skitter
5. Leap (onto couch/bed and then lap)
6. "GGGRRRRROWL" at Isabelle for no discernible reason except to prove that India is in charge of all the people on the couch or bed)

Now I am trying to remember why we keep giving India toys. All I am doing is playing into her fantasies of power and control.

Oh, yeah... it's because cuteness, properly exerted, rules the world.


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