Countdown to Halloween: Shock Show Update Fall 2017

As ever, I am on a constant search for more horror host thrills on television and cable. I am not going to get into a debate by my use of "horror host" here; "shock show," my favorite term to use (which you will see in the title to this piece), serves the same purpose. But even that probably doesn't apply to those examples where horror or science-fictional thrills aren't the focus. Perhaps I should just broaden the definition to "movie host shows," though that hasn't nearly the ring that "shock show" or "horror host" do.

Chiefly, the definition must include any example of the genre of TV matinee shows where an old movie is shown that features introductions by a host or hosts – most often playing characters outside of themselves – who do something a bit beyond just talking about the movie. This could include comedic monologues, skits, interviews (in character) with directors or actors, original films, etc. Not just "Here…

There Must Be Some Mixtape: Track #5 – Scared by The Tragically Hip (1995)

On my Facebook page about a year ago, I posted this short piece:

"Some of you may recall my making you play New Orleans is Sinking and other songs by The Tragically Hip in your cars around 1989 or so (on a cassette tape that I actually still own), and more of you will know their biggest American hit from being played on Anchorage rock stations for many years. I have no idea if the song is still played up in Anchorage, though I am pretty certain it is; I've heard it played on "oldies" stations down here in So Cal.

The point I am getting at is that The Tragically Hip are about to play their final concert in less than half an hour (5:30 ET) and it is being streamed live on YouTube at [link deleted here as it is no longer live].

The lead singer of The Tragically Hip, Gord Downie, has a form of inoperable brain cancer but was given permission by his doctor to undertake a farewell tour of their native Canada before calling it a day as a band. While I had the first three albu…

There Must Be Some Mixtape: Track #4 – October Night by Todd Chappelle (2014)

Oh, it's on, Hallmark Channel! It's fucking on!

For years on end now, the talking heads in the right wing media have been screaming and whining about a supposed "War on Christmas" propped up by liberals in this country. We have to hear their self-righteous talking points replayed every single holiday season. They get weepy when someone says "Season's Greetings" to them, and insist that people say the word "Christmas"... or else they will... well, you know... They seem to start up a nuclear countdown clock annually for when Starbucks rolls out their new holiday cups, and then go apoplectic when the cups don't don't have what they feel is the right amount of Jesus sprinkled on them. This is all the evidence we need to prove that this group – that thrills at calling liberals "snowflakes" because they are supposedly sooooo precious and breakable – are actually the biggest whiners and babies out there when they don't get a thin…

Countdown to Halloween: Cars Land "Haul-O-Ween" at Disney California Adventure

Making time to enjoy the Halloween festivities at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure has proven to be a little rough this year. Between my latest stupid, ongoing illness (a hard cough that won't go away, lasting well over a month), a short vacation away to La Jolla for a few days (way too short), and the generally busy activities in the household, we find spare moments to attend the parks when we can. The problem is exacerbated by Disney having added more dates for Halloween parties than ever before, and then cross that with even more dates being blocked out for cast members around those parties. To top it off, we have friends coming down in another week, and though they were able to score Halloween party tix, we were not alas, as they were completely sold out by the time we tried to grab some.

But, not to worry... we will still get into the park to have some Halloween fun. We just have to make a conscious effort to pick the right dates to go. Jen and I had managed to get t…