The 50 Something or Other Songs of 2017: Part 2

In our last exciting episode, I reviewed tracks 50 through 31 on Rolling Stone's list of the Best 50 Songs of 2017. How did those 20 songs – all of which, in the first surprising turn of events, I had never heard previously – fare against a musical taste that, naturally, I consider to be pretty adventurous but willingly admit is lacking in even a small amount of respect sometimes for more current pop trends and styles?

Well, here's the scoreboard thus far:

Total number of songs: 20
Songs I had heard before: 2
Songs that I own already: A big fat0.
Reactions: Loved: 7 | Liked: 5 | OK or Don't Care at All: 5 | Hated: 3Songs that I plan to purchase: 10

The second big surprise is that I came out of the round wishing to possibly purchase a full ten tracks in the bunch. Half the music appealed to me enough where I could own it, and that is a huge response on my part. Am I slipping in taste or expanding it? Or did Rolling Stone actually choose some pretty damn good songs this time? Well…

The 50 Something or Other Songs of 2017: Part 1

As I have for the past two years, I am continuing with an experiment of my own devising this winter with another ramble through the odd results of Rolling Stone's annual list of the 50 Best Songs for the current year. For the first out of the three times of which I have reviewed their list and then compared my personal reactions to each song (most of which I have never heard before), I am actually fairly close to the actual release date of the list. The magazine (with whom I have a love-hate relationship these days) posts each edition of their 50 Best Songs list online by the end of November of each year. The first time that I attempted this experiment, I reviewed their November 2015 list in January 2016. Last year, due to an ongoing hip injury that kept me from sitting at my computer for more than a few minutes at a time, I waited until deep in March 2017, after I started physical therapy, to tackle their November 2016 edition.
I will post the links to my previous editions of this…