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My, my, my, my, my, it's been awhile. It's not so much "where to begin?" as it is "how". A weak excuse for my tardiness? A written note from my doctor? An alibi as to my whereabouts from the night of August 7 all the way through to last night, September 17? Does it all need to be signed "Epstein's Mother"?

Sure, I mentioned in the last post of my depressive state since my vacation, and I will get into that (because it directly ties in to my movie-going habits, hence it's inclusion on this site). But so many other things have played a part in my lack of blogging, that it is hard to pin down the exact thing that led to this point. Well, not exactly "hard" -- certainly my illness of the past three-plus weeks has played the largest part. In fact, there were moments when I greatly desired to jump back onto the Pylon and start posting again, but my condition did not allow such a thing to occur.

What condition, you may ask? First it was a…