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Visiting and Revisiting: Starcrash (1978) Pt. 1

"What in the universe is that?!" -- Stella Star (Caroline Munro), Starcrash

This is Part I of a two-part discussion about Luigi Cozzi's 1978 Italian "rip-off" of Star Wars, Starcrash. To read the second part of this article, visit my pal Aaron Lowe's Working Dead Productions website at

Rik: Considering that we very nearly flirted with the heavens in our last discussion regarding Hirokazu Kore-eda's After Life [Wandâfuru raifu], I am crashing us right back down to earth by making us jump over to a "Z" picture like Starcrash. But when I found out that you had never seen the film, it seemed like perfect fodder for our Visiting and Revisiting column that we share across both of our websites. For the uninitiated, in Visiting and Revisiting with Rik and Aaron, we hold a prolonged discussion/dual review about a film of which one of us has a long and possibly intimate history but that the other one has never seen previously.

There …

New Pylon Guest Wonderfulness Over at the Rupert Pupkin Blog!

It has been a little bit since I have posted here. This has been due to an ongoing illness of which I am just now starting to recover, thanks to a series of helpful doctors and any number of medical procedures and prescriptions. I am not yet 100%, but I seem to be working my way back to health, and will hopefully at least have a firm grip on learning to live with my particular disease in the next couple of weeks. There are still some doctor visits ahead, which will hopefully include the formulation of a plan of attack that will see my feeling much better soon.

The past seven weeks or so has been pretty much a wash for me, and I have been largely unable to sit at a computer for more than a few minutes at a time. Thus, there has been zero output across any of my numerous websites. Luckily, many weeks ago at the outset of my illness, my pal Brian Saur asked me for a new list for his Rupert Pupkin Speaks blog. The topic was "Underrated Films of 1996". A few films came to mind rig…