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"It's not dark yet, but it's gettin' there..." - Bob Dylan

I needed space, and I got it. Stagnation had gotten the best of me, and dissolved most of my drive and desire, and I needed space from everything that surrounded me. Family, friends, my workfarm of a crappy job, Anchorage... everything. Luckily, I had enough desire left to force myself to take a leap. Not of faith, necessarily; I knew the landing could very well be the roughest I had ever encountered, but I set my resolve to deal with whatever met me at the bottom of that crevasse.

I left my comfortable home of 17 years and job of 22 years in a state that I had lived in for the overwhelming majority of my 41 years in order to start a new home, job and life. I found an interesting but highly underpaying job that keeps me extremely busy and exhausted, which is fine (except the money). I love my home life: especially with Jen, but also with the baby girls and my cranky 20-year old cat. I like the area that I l…

...Because Fish #@%& In It!

It's hard to concentrate on movies or blogging when all you have are thoughts of copulating sharks in your head. Such is the problem when Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week rolls around. It's not my fault that they devoted an entire documentary to The Science of Shark Sex! But then the filmmakers spent 45 minutes of the show not talking about shark sex at all, but instead showed the drooling scientists roaming about the water around three islands posting all sorts of monitoring devices in their attempt to capture the mating habits of some grey reef sharks. But once the magic moment arrives -- BUCK-A-WHANG! It was so freaking graphic, with all of this descriptive talk about penetration and thrusting, that I wasn't sure that I hadn't fallen asleep earlier and missed the whole plotline involving the great white pizza delivery boy and the randy nurse shark cheerleader.

The scientists made a big deal about how they had been waiting their whole careers to capture such …


Yet again, as happened the last time I sought to shout out the names of series that I hoped would get belated releases onto DVD, I have been happily stifled. A couple of months ago, as I was compiling my list of hoped-for series, it turned out that Wild Wild West, Brisco County, Jr., Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain, all top choices of mine, were already set to come out this summer. Great! My work was done before I had even thought to begin it. I still pointed out my desire to see sets for Batman, Get Smart and Jack of All Trades, and called the matter finished, if not a good deal shorter than I had planned it to be. Nonetheless, I promised a second installment with a handful of other series (or versions of other series) at a later date.

Fast forward to today. This time, a list of five potential series has been knocked down to a possible three (maybe four) after doing a bit of early morning research and finding out that one series is already out on DVD (surprise, surprise!) and anoth…