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Nesmith Makes the Very Best...

Michael Nesmith, one of the three remaining members of the Monkees, recently posted an essay regarding the discussion of the battle to get his former band enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Michael Nesmith, as he always has been since I was a wee child, is my favorite member of the Monkees, and his comments about not being bothered to be included in the discussion about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are fantastic.

My own opinion is that the public Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is negligible at best (and if it needs to exist, should be in Memphis, as others have long stated). We all have our own Hall of Fames in our heads, and if you give a fuck what others think about your favorite music, then you shouldn't be listening to music. Like all art, your reaction to music is purely subjective and personal. No two people see any given painting the same exact way, and the same goes for any given piece of music. We both may love the same song, but it is more than likely that what you…