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All Apologies... and Corrections

Pickings have been a little scarce here at the Cinema 4 Pylon, I know... but that is precisely why the Pylon exists. It is a portal through which everything else that I am currently involved in,or will be working on in the future, may filter. While it seems that not much is getting done here, the bulk of my writing is occurring over at my second blogsite, the Cinema 4: Cel Bloc, where there are, I'm not kidding, updates every single day! Each day, I present a review of some classic or not-so-classic cartoon from the mists of animation history; some films that are easy to find and some that are not so. The entire thing is designed as a titanic daily writing exercise to help keep my instrument tuned and supple (not that instrument! That's why we have the rest of the internet...), and my intent is to keep it going through the entire year, and perhaps even longer after that point. I am assuming that no one is reading the animation blog at all, because the number of comments on tha…