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No Shelving Left: Demeking (2009) and Giants & Toys (1958)

Every once in a while, you have to take a chance. (I'd use the phrase "leap of faith," but that just gets you holy wars.) I get restless and impatient when I hear about a film and know that it is available on DVD (and sometimes has been out for a good while in that format), but cannot find it on Netflix. Actually, you can usually find it on Netflix, but it comes with one of those annoying green "Save" rectangles, the result of which is very little information as to when Netflix might be getting that title.

And so I hit Amazon. If that is a bust, then it becomes a search for the movie company's website or even eBay, though I cannot stand that site. But I can generally find that for which I am searching on Amazon.

Thus it went for two titles I came across about a week ago whilst flitting about the 'nets, both of of which were Japanese releases about which I had previously heard nada. This is not unusual. I am not a haunter of other film or D…

Countdown to Halloween 2011, Week #2: Stuff That Helps Me to Not Be Afraid of No Ghosts

The stuff that helps me to not be afraid of no ghosts (apart from the fact that I do not believe in the supernatural at all) comes courtesy of the local Ghostbusters chapter wthin my own home. What that translates into is that I have my own Ecto-1 at hand -- also known in some quarters as the Ecto-Mobile -- still on call for "cleanin' up the town."

I have figures of all the main Ghostbusters (technically, Real Ghostbusters) figures, but they never quite made it out for Halloween, so their time will have to come next year. However, for some obscure reason, I always seem to have the figures of Louis Tully and Janine Melnitz inside the Ecto-1. Slimer and Stay-Puft are also forever lurking about my place on one shelf or another, in the same way that the Ecto-1 is always on display, so they made the picture as well.

Gotta be ready in case "Paranormal Activity" suddenly becomes a real thing...

Countdown to Halloween 2011, Week#1: What do you mean, "The party's over?"

Halloween is over, and while Grover is not the sort of monster one normally associates with the holiday, here he perfectly expresses my sentiments about today...