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It's A Very Special Cel Bloc Xmas... "The Unwrap-pening"

So, did you get everything that you wanted for Christmas?

What I wanted was a little reconciliation with a holiday with which I have increasingly lost touch, and perhaps to hide myself a bit from the rest of this truly substandard year. So I decided to dig into some old holiday Christmas cartoon "classics," some which I love, and some for which I run hot and cold depending on when I watch them.

In getting my animation blog, the Cinema 4: Cel Bloc, restarted over the past three months (at the same time as The Cinema 4 Pylon, my main site), part of the reason was for me to really dive back into getting reacquainted with many of these cartoons after concentrating so deeply on feature films for the past few years. Cinematically, animation -- especially the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons of Warner Bros. and Donald Duck shorts -- was my first love, not surprisingly, since cartoons are how many kids first get a notion of popular entertainment. And honestly, when I was a ki…

Holiday Remix of the Return of the Son of Terrible Movies Promo Blowout! [Pt. 3]

[To read Pt. 1 of this series, click here, and for Pt. 2, click here.]

Having established the importance of the late night horror movie programs, The World's Most Terrible Movies and Son of Terrible Movies, in my personal development as a movie fanatic, I still have some unfinished business to impart to you. Namely, I have just a few more promos from these programs that I have not shared yet, and a couple of them tie rather coincidentally to both the time of year and to a recent major release currently in movie theatres at this moment.

Promos for local television tend to be rather bland, but every once in a while, you see something different and special. In the late '70s, Richard Gay and his fellow staffers at KIMO-TV were clearly having fun with a phenomenon that was still pretty fresh back then, but which is having a massive, worldwide resurgence right now: Star Wars. Perhaps you have heard of it. In the promo above, film reels have a laser battle in space with a microphone or…

Recently Rated Movies: The Bridges of Tortured Accents

Seventh Son(2014)
Dir.: Sergei Bodrov
TC4P: 4/9

Up until a very few years ago, I was pretty much down for any fantasy film that came my way. The cast didn't matter, the special effects didn't matter, the fact that a film perhaps had a budget that was far too low for what it was trying to accomplish could only endear it to me more... and story? Who cares if it didn't make a lick of sense in the real world. All I needed was a dragon, assorted monsters, a wizard or a witch or two, some swashbuckling action, and some damsels in distress. And if the damsels in distress turned out to be the ones doing the swashbuckling, even better. (Sorry, guys... based on aesthetics alone, tough women are infinitely more interesting to watch than sweaty, nasty men.) 

Then digital happened. Then CGI happened. The ability to expand the size of battles and monster fights and all manner of wizardry happened. Films starting looking more and more gray-bluish and turd-brownish the more CGI was used. This…

The 50 ________ Songs of 2015, Pt. 2

[Note: The first part of this 2-part piece was published on Friday, 12/10/15 and can be read here:]
Let's recap:

I went through the first 25 songs on Rolling Stone's 50 Best Songs of 2015 list -- the back half, as it were -- yesterday. I watched and/or listened to each of the provided videos, and in most cases I tried to just listen to the song and not let the video influence me [in case of Rihanna, break glass]. What I found is that I liked more of the songs than I expected. Here's the tally:

Total number of songs so far: 25
Songs I have heard before: 5, with 3 maybes.
Songs that I own already: 3
Loved: 5 | Liked: 10 | Hated: 0 | Meh: 10
Songs that I plan to purchase: 8 definitely; 4 maybes.

Surprise of surprises... I ended up liking way more of the first 25 songs than I thought that I would. And the five songs that I profess to love were not necessarily the five that I had heard before. And liking/loving 60% of the music opened the door to the possibility …

The 50 ________ Songs of 2015, Pt. 1

Screwing around on my phone the other morning, I clicked on a link that took me to some political story on Rolling Stone's website. I don't even remember what the story was, just that I had mild interest in the subject. While scanning the first few paragraphs, I saw a link on the right sidebar that read, "The 50 Best Songs of 2015".

Keep in mind, since I was about 15, I read Rolling Stone religiously. The music reviews were the very first thing that I flipped to in each issue and I read each one with ravenous glee. The slant of the rag informed my political side to where it is today, which was an added bonus, because it turns out they were on the correct side all along. I was a Rolling Stone baby. I still own the John Belushi issue that came out following his death in 1982 (my senior year in high school), amongst many others that have personal meaning to me. I had a subscription for about twenty years, and in the time since I stopped the subscription (all subscription…