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The 44 Times 30 or So: Filling In the Gaps

Fact: I watch an awful lot of movies.

Fact #2: I watch an awful lot of awful movies.

Because of my long-standing fascination with the horror, science-fiction and fantasy genres, I get exposed to far more films of a commonly considered low quality than of high. This is a given, though it is perhaps the more extreme nature of these genres that allows the dross to be far more noticeable than in other, less special effects-heavy genres. So, if you were to peer at a list of the last 75 films I have watched, you would likely notice the bevy (and great majority) of slasher and monster films almost immediately over the handful of pure dramatic or comedic films. That the genre efforts comprise about 3/4 of the list would also stand out. One thing is clear: I definitely have a clear target area.

Why not change that for a while? Why not mix things up for myself for a change?

I was reading George MacDonald Fraser's excellent and very personalized book titled A Hollywood History of the World (Will…

Tweet Emotions: Notes on the Process of Futility [Pt. 3]

So, now I have spent a month establishing myself as yet another constantly tweeting knucklehead, and losing those tweets amongst millions of others, having them read only by a small fraction of the 140 or so followers on my Twitter page, only three-quarter dozen of whom I can claim any sort of real, lasting friendship, work relationship or kinship.

With such a tiny, immediate audience available, why I would think Twitter would be a decent place to push The Cinema 4 Pylon and the writing that I place upon it?

The answer is this: it's better than nothing. Certainly better than my options currently at hand, which is less than nothing. As I said, Facebook and MySpace have proven to be busts for this. Only a few friends are willing to make the journey over to this site, and they are known quantities. Otherwise, I believe those sources are tapped out for the most part (and I used "tapped out" in a more traditional sense, rather than in the sense that lead to a line of idiotic T-…

Tweet Emotions: Notes on the Process of Futility [Pt. 2]

I pass any number of unknown citizens of the County of Orange on my sojourn to work each morning, and out of the handful that actually come within spitting distance of me, early a.m. pleasantries are often exchanged. Luckily, no spit so far, but also never more than a quick two words. “Good morning,” and sometimes, even this already brief message finds itself truncated down to a single noun announcing the time period in which we find ourselves all mostly reluctantly trudging along. On occasion, after a couple of years passing about three or four of the bike riders, a longer greeting has emerged, usually a rhetorical query heard as their bike goes hurtling past, either from myself or from their lips.

I do not personally know a single one of these individuals, though we clearly have all grown used to passing each other, and the once cautious stares on both parts have drifted into polite familiarity. That they will never become friends of mine does not matter. It is the inherent politenes…

Tweet Emotions: Notes on the Process of Futility [Pt. 1]

Let me be honest from the start... I don't make a move online without sizing up the parameters of my actions. If I sign up for a site or program, I immediately think how I can use that particular spot for my own purposes. Self-serving? Sure, aren't we all? Isn't that what survival of the fittest is all about? Helping yourself to a heaping slice of this survival? It is only natural, in any venture in which we involve ourselves, that we seek out that which will allow us to reach our goals in the quickest way possible.

With the proliferation of social media sites these days, however, it seems that most people in the net-a-verse aren't so much concerned with "keeping it real" (though they have convinced themselves of this deplorable and completely erroneous phrase), but rather "keeping it noticeable..." Well, that and making lots of quick and easy cash. And if one can combine both efforts -- being popular and bringing in the Benjamins -- isn't this t…

For Whom the Bull Trolls (Pt. 2): Happily, If Not Reluctantly, Lost in Nilbog

Part of the problem of writing about films that have gained a large amount of notoriety is that they have achieved exactly that. Choose any movie title commonly believed or widely held to be of the truly atrocious variety, then go just about anywhere on the Intranets, and it becomes rather easy to find two primary reactions to that film.

The first is of the "that movie sucked my will to live" type, wherein the attempted reviewer will cast the film onto a bonfire of hatred that will invariably include a brace of curse words, appeals for "wanting my money back," and/or a declaration that the reviewer has now realized that there are now that many less minutes in their all-too-brief lifespan that they will never get back, generally corresponding directly to the running time of said film, though usually rounded off at either 90 minutes or two hours.

The second reaction, related only to the first in determination, is of a far more optimistic vein, though still angled as …

Dylan Goes "Select, Rik" - Shuffle Mode, Monday, May 4, 2009

Man, I really wanted to get Part 2 of my Troll movie adventures recap up before this weekend, and I did say I was going to expound on my ratings scale on Sunday. I really did intend for all of that to happen. But, as it happens so often, migraines got the best of me for a couple of days, and everything, to paraphrase Rigby Reardon, kind of shifted all out of whack. So, I am still working on finishing both pieces, and Part II of For Whom the Bull Trolls will likely not get up until at least tomorrow night, followed by the ratings explanation sometime on Thursday.

As a temporary space-filler, here’s a peek at my iPod this morning, which kept me going as I tried out my brand new sneakers. The old ones squeak incessantly, having popped a few of the support struts during my speed-walking routine of the past few months, and the squeaks were getting goofy looks from people sitting on bus benches and cars at traffic stops. Or maybe I was getting the goofy looks on general purposes. Probably th…