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Recently Rated Movies #5 (Halloween Weekend Edition, Day 2)

OK, by the time that I got around to seeing Vampire Bats on CBS Sunday night, I had been up since five that morning, and so I knew it was going to be rough going staying awake for the duration of this Lucy Lawless-starrer (a sort of sequel to Locusts, which appeared earlier this year on the same network, and to which I will admit I did not see). Jen wanted to see Craig Ferguson's cameo as "Fisherman #1" (which he has joked about incessantly on his show), and once he appeared (amusing as expected) and was dispatched by the bloodthirsty, titular villains, she was fast asleep. I made it halfway through and then was out for the evening. (At least, I was until four this morning. More on that below.) Judging from the first half, I didn't miss much in the second. (Though there is a rating below, I did not actually vote for it on IMDb. I don't vote for a film unless I have seen the entire thing. The rating below is merely for reference.)

It is now almost 7:30 a.m. and I h…

Recently Rated Movies #4 (Halloween Weekend Edition, Day 1)

This October has probably been the smallest one in the last twenty years for me as far as Halloween is concerned. I usually gear up for Halloween around mid-September and keep the party rolling until well into November. I would usually average around three movies a day in that time, never repeating a movie over the Halloween month, and would ceaselessly haunt every video and music store in town for more additions to my ever-growing collection. My home, already jam-packed with all manner of movie effluvia to begin with, would become even more rife with monstrous action figures and statues, posters hanging from every inch of the walls and ceilings, constantly running horror films, a dry ice fog drifting from room-to-room (just for the hell of it), and party decorations dangling from corner to corner, all in an apartment too small to actually throw a decent Halloween party for more than, oh, say, five or six people. 

For much of the month, the only lighting that I would endure was from ca…

Lewton Lascivious Behavior

Though I stated in an earlier post ("Recently Rated Movies #3") that I had been more than patient for most of this year in regards to the just-released Val Lewton Horror Collection and the still impending King Kong set, the real truth is that I have been less than patient about the situation for over the better part of the last decade, which would mean since I first read about the future of DVD's back around 1995. These releases would have been and were my first choices to appear on DVD, and I have reacted with supreme frustration over this time over the rumors and false starts that have afflicted me ever since.

I love the Lewton films of the 40's on an equal par with the initial spate of Universal classics in the 30's, and my weakness for these films is only superseded by the adoration with which I approach King Kong, the movie that I more than gladly offer up as my favorite film of all time. While possession of the Lewton and Cooper/Schoedsack libraries have bee…

J.C. and the Second Coming of "The Fog", Pt. 2

I don't really have much in the way of rules regarding remakes. Some people despise them outright; some people are ambivalent when confronted with them; some people love them. It is my belief that most people have no idea whether or not the rehashed warmed-over film that they are watching was ever another movie in the first place. (I also believe, and I have seen a goodly amount of evidence to support this, that a large segment of the moviegoers in any theatre have no concept at all of what movie they are even going to see, even up to mere minutes before their ticket is bought. Why would they know whether or not a movie was a remake?)

I have a proposal about remakes that I wish were a rule, or at the very least something that would be tried more often since The Powers That Be insist on churning them out of the Drawing-A-Blank Factory: remaking not film classics or those of the established filmic canon (Psycho), nor beloved (or feared) cult classics (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), no…

Recently Rated Movies #3

I haven't gotten to the theatres since last weekend, but on Friday I thankfully received my set of The Val Lewton Horror Collection, the glories of which I will most likely pontificate on later this week. I have been waiting for this time of the year as patiently as I can, given that both the Val Lewton and King Kong sets, both overly due since the advent of DVD's, were to come out and fill sorely empty gaps in my collection. (Of course, I did have VHS copies of all of these films. But once you go DVD, it drives you mad knowing something that you love so dearly is not in the predominant format of the time.)

In the meantime, Serenity proved to be slightly more enjoyable the second time around (even though my rating for it stayed the same); The Fog proved to be made by people more dense than the titular atmospheric condition; and a handful of French and Japanese "classics" allowed me to cleanse the pallet for my week of Lewton. (This week, I also have an ongoing date wi…

Expense, Schmexpense...

The bag-girl at the grocery store was wrong. She wanted her $10 back after she saw the new version of John Carpenter's 1980 atmos-fest The Fog. I felt that, actually, only about $8 back would be warranted in the case of my visit to the film. Of course, I went to a matinee and it only cost me $8. Matinees, teenagers, matinees... I know it's only cool to go to movies at night with your friends, but you can save yourself two whole dollars. Put it towards your condom fund and stop having babies...

Truly, I do not require any of that $8 back. I have three mottos that I live my movie-going existence by: the first is "I Will See Any Movie Once" and the second is "Any Movie, At Any Time." (I will tell you of the third motto at another time.) The second motto ensures that any time a friend or relative asks if I want to see a film, and I not near death or have other plans already, I will absolutely go to that movie, no matter what it is; the first motto is basically a…

Recently Rated Movies #2

Just a couple of films to add today. My theatre plans fell through earlier in this week, so Good Night and Good Luck will have to wait until later (it was not playing in our area yet on Tuesday, much to our dismay). A second viewing of Serenity is the target for us tonight, and I plan on seeing the new version of The Fog in the theatre tomorrow.
If anyone is interested in the full breadth of my vote history on IMDB, they have recently added a new feature that allows public viewing (as long as the viewer is a registered user of the site) of a friend's movie ratings. The link is now listed on my Link section on the side of this page, and I will also list it here for those interested:
And now, with only a smidgen of ado, a couple of new ratings. Both films were DVDs that I purchased today and have watched already (it is my Saturday off), and one of them is most timely indeed, given that I just mentioned the new version of it above. I felt it w…

Recently Rated Movies #1

Someday, I will discuss my ratings system to a greater degree. For the moment, let me state that I rate on a scale from 1 to 9, not so much to piss on the IMDb 10-ratings system, but actually to piss on the 4 or 5 star systems so prevalent in review culture instead, which make no sense to my head whatsoever. Somehow, mathematically, the 9-system does make sense to me.

Every few days on this site, I am planning to post a list of the latest films that I have seen either in theatres, on TV or video, and the subsequent ratings that I have given them. (This is mainly to give me a quick-hit item to throw up on the blog on days when I don't have the time to devote to a larger post.)

And so, without further delays, the first of those lists:

Tongan Ninja (2002, DVD) - 5
A History of Violence (2005) - 8
Saw (2004, DVD) - 6
Chikyu Boeigun [The Mysterians] (1957, DVD) - 6
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005) - 8

A Declaration of IMDbendence

Try as I might, I couldn't fight it. 

I struggled mightily against the awesome pull of IMDb and its 46 quadrillion movie entries. (That's where I lost count in doing research last night. I went "46 quadrillion and...," then Conan made his hissing-at-the-cameraman noise and I lost count. Oh, well... there's always tomorrow night...) Was it even possible that I, severely movie-addicted since I was a mere child, could even begin to resist the megaforce that is IMDb? (Though the reverse maxim of "Words, not deeds" proves to be more true in their case.) I have been movie-database mad for much of my life, with a library full of Who's Who books and Encyclopedias of Film, Actors, Science-Fiction, Westerns, etc., etc., etc., what have you. And while it may not be the end-all be-all of movie websites, it has proven, after extensive testing by the Cinema 4 laboratories, to be the closest that I can find right now.
How slowly, how surely I was sucked into its vor…