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All or Nothing... Jonathan Demme Pt. 2: The '70s Features

This is a continuation of my new regular Pylon series, All or Nothing...,  in which I try to tackle the remaining films in a particular filmmaker's oeuvre that I have yet to see. I am kicking off the series with a multi-part cleanup of the filmography of the recently departed Jonathan Demme, one of the most important directors in my lifetime. In Part 1, I tackled his 1974 women in prison flick, Caged Heat. This time, since his 1976 Peter Fonda flick Fighting Mad is apparently nowhere to be found, I recently watched and am now reviewing Demme's final two films of the 1970s, one of which turns out to come mighty close to being one of his masterpieces...
Citizens Band[aka Handle with Care] (1977) Dir.: Jonathan Demme – If you have just happened to catch the late actor Charles Napier in scores and scores of movie and television roles over the past few decades, and you were wondering what his defining role is, look no further. I didn’t know it before I got around to finally watching…

All or Nothing... Jonathan Demme Pt. 1: The '70s Features

A couple of weeks back on The Cinema 4 Pylon, I wrote at length upon my devotion to filmmaker Jonathan Demme, who died in late April from complications involving esophageal cancer and heart disease, over the course of his career. While I invoked several of Demme’s films in the piece (which you can read here:, I mainly sought to confirm that three of his films – Stop Making Sense, Something Wild, and The Silence of the Lambs – are always to be considered masterpieces in my personal canon, and that a fourth film, Melvin and Howard, was hugely influential on my development as a young film fan. With that film in 1980, my personal history with Demme began, and I naturally assumed in the remaining years that his work had not lessened in influence on me since.

As I worked my way through his filmography, however, I discovered that I may have been wrong in that assumption in at least one sense. While those films fr…

This Week in Rixflix #10: May 12-18, 2017

Like my buddy Aaron, who wrote very long and lovingly about the subject this week on his website, most of my stray thoughts during the week that preceded Sunday, May 21 were caught up in Twin Peaks anticipation. The build-up to the show had me watching old episodes of the original series again, and also saw me considering a deep dive into my David Lynch collection, which is pretty extensive seeing as I have touted him as one of my top favorite directors for most of the past, oh, 35 years or so. (It all started with The Elephant Man in the theatres, Eraserhead on VHS – the first prerecorded tape that I ever bought – and everything else since then...)

But I am not going to delve much into my own deep fandom for the show or its creators here. I am more than willing to give the Biggest Twin Peaks Fan prize over to Aaron, even if I did watch the full show in its original run, and still have copies of some of those episodes on VHS even though I have them all on disc. I have my own collection…