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A Prescient and Well-Sustained (hence, NOT premature) Moment of Silence...

For those who were wondering why the Pylon had gone completely silent for the past two weeks, I was preparing for this..

Marcel Marceau, famed French mime, dies at 84.

Don't ask me how I knew. I can just sense these things sometimes (maybe I am a remote viewer...)

And maybe NOW they will put William Castle's Shanks out on video...

Psychotronic Ketchup: Tomorrow's Children (1934)

Tomorrow's Children
Director: Crane Wilbur // 1934 [DVD]
Cinema 4 Rating: 4

Eugenics is such an ugly philosophy, even for a person like me who is constantly exasperated with much of the human race. I don't have a problem with most people until I start to survey the idiotic choices they have made, but because I believe freedom of choice is an inherent right of all men and women, I am basically forced to swallow this feeling as I watch the world insert ever more feet into an already swirling toilet of stupidity. However, whenever I do start physically retching over the ploddings of mankind, I step back and examine my own choices -- some that have done me much harm, some that turned out fortunate by some degree, most of little serious impact -- and know that while I might get riled up over the nascent idiocy surrounding me, I really do not have a lot of room to speak. We all have choices to make, and not all of them work out, and some of them are not even choices at all.

Meet Mr. Mas…

Recently Rated Movies #56: Amerigo the Boredomful?

Bloody Mallory
Director: Julien Magnat // French, 2002 [DVD]
Cinema 4 Rating: 6

Down in the Valley
Director: David Jacobson // 2005 [DVD]
Cinema 4 Rating: 6

Yes, I have my devised own system for rating movies, but it doesn't mean that 1) it works perfectly, and 2) that I am completely satisfied with it. (Am I ever completely happy with anything?) The problem with ratings systems is that they are, by state of being, merely numbered lists, and cold and swift in their doling out of opinion. There is no allowance in their efficient little stabs of icy preference over finely hewn lines of art, distinction or purpose between films of decidedly different ilk, nor is one able to discern within such ratings the notion of a film that is, in the parlance, "so bad it's good" as opposed to a film that is simply "good" or "bad." The number "6" is just a "6," and what that number means to the reviewer still requires further dissemination from that …

By Way of Introduction (For Some, A Recap...)

As one of my major interests in film criticism is in the influence life experience plays on personal opinion and how knowledge of that experience by others further influences their opinion of your opinion, and as I have recently plunged headlong into the network of movie fanatics on Spout without so much as a "howdy-do," and as it is too frickin' hot to really write today, I have decided to do just that: introduce myself in a somewhat formal fashion. In the interests of my personal national security, it shall be first and middle name only, no rank, no serial number, and will consist of only the truths I feel comfortable divulging. Those of you who have read The Cinema 4 Pylon, or the Cinema 4: Cel Bloc or have known me for a quarter century may feel free to wander about and peruse the literature bins while I forge through this. Others, if we have not met, in much the same way that we should get to know people before forming friendships, I will inform you that I consider …