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Gamera Vs. All Mankind

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The cure for what ailed me. From Silly N' Serious Productions, an animated kaiju opera in three tiny acts.

In the midst of a severe depressive state, this prescription was fired my way by my good pal Leif via a comment on my Cinema 4: Pylon blog entry of August 27, 2006 :

"...go sit naked in the pool until you stop feeling cold. Then sit on the grass until you feel cold. Rinse with hot water, and repeat until you look like a prune. Then drink some hot Dr. Pepper while eating a food on a stick. Finally, build a fire in a can and burn some marshmallows. Eat only the carbon."

OK, except for drinking the hot Dr. Pepper, which I cooked up on my stove, I didn't follow the doctor's advice. I figured a good deal of this behavior would get me either arrested or ostracized from the neighborhood or both (mainly the naked stuff). But I did find much merit and personal interest in the next par…


Gamera Vs. All Mankind

A kaijû opera in three tiny acts

Music by Mark A. Johnson
Libretto by Rik Tod Johnson

ACT I: The Challenge
ACT II: Onward to Battle
ACT III: Requiem

Setting: Japan at a point in the near future.

Morimoto, Japanese commissioner of the International Whaling Commission.
Dr. Fuyuki Takada, criminally pompous scientist with the Institute of Cetacean Research
Rainbow Brecht, bubbly American co-ed warrior battling for Greenpeace
Toshio, an overly precocious and parentally unbound child
Tadashi Hasigawa, devastatingly handsome young reporter for Mainichi Shimbun
Mr. Aoyagi, a haphazardly proficient translator
Gamera, a flame-throwing, flying reptilian shell-bearer of titanic proportions
Various unnamed members of the Houses in the Diet
Various sailors on the boats of the IKR and Greenpeace

Act I: The National Diet Building
Act II: The North Pacific Ocean
Act III: Gammashima, the turtle’s island vacation home

ACT I: The Challenge

[Mr. Morimoto, the Japanese commissioner …

So, what DID you watch on Halloween?

I must ask those of you with weak constitutions to please sit down very carefully and grip tightly the arm or the cushion of the item upon which you have chosen to sit. This is going to come as a bit of a shock to those who know me, but something both extraordinary and somewhat alarming has happened over the course of the last seven weeks. It may not seem earthshaking in the overall scheme of the world, but it is certainly filled with just enough portent that I must take note of it. Even so, it is something that literally snuck in the back door, and kept its presence low enough that I myself did not become aware of it until... well, yesterday.

Are you ready for the awful truth?

Over the course of my usual seven-week buildup-to-Halloween movie festival, I did not watch a single film, or even a second of film, containing the following characters: Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Pinhead, Jason Voorhees or Leatherface. On top of that, neither did I view any films in the Exorcist, Puppetmaste…