Recently Rated Movies #6 (Halloween Weekend Edition, Day 3)

So, it turned out that those three movies that I watched before work Halloween morning were the only movies that I got to watch for all of Halloween. As much as I would have liked to have stayed home and enjoyed the Turner Classic Movies Halloween Marathon (with occasional forays over to Bravo, AMC, and Sci-Fi for their commercial-laden but still fun marathons), I haven't built up enough personal leave at the new gig yet to warrant taking extra days off before our upcoming vacation early next year. Thus, to work I did go, though I did wear my awesome King Kong tie to show my true colors, and I was quoting Peter Lorre from Mad Love for much of the day.

After work, though I had bought much candy in anticipation of numerous costumed neighborhood brats knocking on our door, we went straight over to Disneyland to ride all of the rides which have skeletons on them, which, not coincidentally, are our favorite rides anytime that we go to the park. Some snacking, some Halloween costume watching and critiquing, and rides on the Mansion, Indy, Pirates and the Jungle Cruise made for a nice Halloween night. Running into friends from Anchorage in Downtown Disney was an added bonus, for now I will get to hang with them for much of the remainder of the week. And then a call to the theatre in Anchorage to two of my most Halloween-crazy friends to taunt them with our whereabouts was another bonus.

I did get home in time to watch the second half of a special on Houdini, which was terrific, and a National Geographic special called Monsters of the Deep kept me Ogopogo-ing to the Halloween beat until bedtime, though there were some films that I was really hoping to watch. Whatever is a poor boy to do?

The Vampire Bat (1933) (TCM) - 6
White Zombie (1932) (TCM) - 6
Mad Love (1935) (TCM) - 8


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