Cinema 4: Further into the Future!

Happy New Year, everybody!!! And a Happy Bastille Day to my brother Chris!! (I need not explain...)

I am beginning this new year by not going to the movies, a statement that many of you who have known me forever will find most shocking. I normally try to attend anywhere from three to four films on New Year's Day, with my all-time record in one day being an amazingly well planned-out five several years ago. But this year is different. The weather, my girlfriend's undue illness, and my desire to remain untouched by said illness are forcing a cancellation of my normal day of cinematic lounging. My planned third viewing of Peter Jackson's King Kong and also of Memoirs of a Geisha were cancelled by the rainy, rainy, rainy weather (Pooh would call it "blustery"), and a talked-about evening showing of Rumor Has It became exactly that: a rumor, due to the aforementioned illness.

But I did not pass the time at home in a completely idle fashion. I spent much of the afternoon setting up a second blog site, which is, instead of the focused concentration on all types of movies here at the Pylon, entirely dedicated to stuffing the internet to the gills with my musings on every animated film that I see in the next year. The site is called Cinema 4: Cel Bloc and can be checked out by clicking here. (Or click on the actual title, too. I like to cover my bases.)

Another feature that I added today, which many of you will realize because you are probably looking at this because you received an email today pertaining to it, is a mailing list for the Pylon. Until today, while I had spoken of the site to a handful of people and shown it to a few at work, I had not sent out the location of the site to most of my friends and family. That has all changed as of today. I have also added a mailing list subscription box at the bottom of the page to facilitate this process. (Much thanks to Lindsay of La La Lamarland for helping me set all of this up today.) Now, all members of my mailing list will receive an email informing them anytime that I put up a new post to this page. However, as there should be about 86,000 posts in the next year to the Cel Bloc, I will not send update emails for that new site to the mailing list. I didn't want to bother everyone each and every time that I decided to watch a Porky Pig cartoon. Of course, it could very well have turned out to be a lot of fu-fu-f-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-f-f-fu-fu-uh--a g-g-good time!

And for Pete's sake, people, start up your own blogs! It's so easy, I can do it! Let's go, Bohemians!


Lindsay Lamar said…
I have officially *made* it, as Rik has mentioned me in his blog :)

I look forward to reading both blogs!

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