Sharks Gotta Swim, and I Gotta Blog...

Hey! Here's a great idea! Get your health back and then wear yourself back down by creating so many blogs that you couldn't possible keep them current!

Not convinced sufficiently that I actually need any sleep or rest, what do I decide to do once I begin writing again regularly? I started a third blog! The trick this time, though, will be to not post on them every single day, which was the case on the still-under-personal-suspension Cinema 4 Cel Bloc. (Really, the main problem there was not the frequency, but the insane lengths of certain posts. It will return, though, in some form in the future, possibly a weekly.) This new blog is not meant to be a daily; again, weekly posting is more the idea, and the emphasis is on the specific characteristics of a certain type of movie:

THE SHARK FILM OFFICE has its hook set squarely for sharks of all sizes, though the first entry is for a tidbit that most fishermen would have thrown back. But not this hardy veteran of the waves! No... I reel them all in! (Get it... shark movies? Reel them in? Ah, forget it...)

With my mind clearly set on cataloguing as many cinematic references to sharks, or appearances by sharks, or films actually starring sharks as possible, I have chosen to start with the first instance that crossed my path: a rather slight dialogue reference in the 1994 movie Sirens, otherwise known merely for the rampant display of Australian hottie nudity in front of a rather flustered (is he any other way?) clergyman played by Hugh Grant. The shark bit is quite a quick mention, but a nicely gruesome one, quoted by a pre-fame Portia de Rossi. (Whether her fame which followed the pre-fame is geared more towards being a supporting star on Ally McBeal, co-starring on Arrested Development, or her offscreen sexual conquests of the distaff variety I leave entirely up to you...)

The purpose of all of my blogs is to have some fun with movies as I cross paths with them. The best part, such as with Sirens, is in running smack into the side of a reference and then slowly realizing that this is exactly the sort of thing for which I have been seeking. Sometimes, there may be a lot of posts, sometimes few; it all depends on what I happen upon in my travels.

I have plans for a couple of other variants, but for the time being, until I get this new one off the ground, the others will have to wait. Until then, keep swimming past the open portholes...



ak_hepcat said…
Damn, that makes me infamous!

Oh, i'm posting this from Star*ucks in Springfield, IL.

I'm gonna see Squeak tomorrow.

You want I should muss him up a bit?

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