The Ravaging of Influence? - A Holiday Diversion

The question regarding these two pictures is not "Who's more Booty-licious?"

The questions are "Do you really think that Beyonce has ever gotten close to actually watching Fritz Lang's Metropolis? Could she even tell you what is was, or did her designer just say "Here's your robot costume, honey!"

And is she aware that the original robot, the False Maria, was designed to seduce the masses for evil purposes?

It's all about subtext, Baby Girl. The best comment I have seen on the internet about Mizz Thang's BET Awards costume was from someone who said "Great! Now the outside matches the insides!" Cannot top that one. Been intimating it for years regarding certain popular entertainers.

People are making a lot about the fact she may have stolen this robot-rising-and-stripping stage act from Kylie Minogue a few years back, and others point out she is dressed like C-3PO. Regardless of what she stole and from where the media rubes think she got it, everything goes back to Maria. And 1927's Metropolis. Watch it, Bouncy...


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