waking into a dream journal 12.04.07

this morning's jolt:
dead mary
director: robert wilson // 2006
cinema 4 rating for 1st hour: 5

isn't there already a movie called candyman? -- never had a game like this when i was a kid -- childhood was already stuffed too full of monsters; no room for a dead witch in a mirror -- and why only 3 times for the name-chanting? this seems like a game made up by the least inventive childwhy not make it 27 times or something more inventive, like, you have to stand on one foot and hop and burn 7 eyelashes in the candle (you are holding a candle apparently) and cross your toes on the hopping foot -- truthfully, there is more of an evil dead feel to this one (living dead action, cabin in the woods, body possession, evil witch) than candyman -- haven't seen one damn bee in this film (and since I got stung in the neck on sunday, this is a good thing -- little fucker...) -- dominique swain? not still getting it done (in tony kornheiser terms); 27 but looking a trashed-out 40 -- starting to get those leonine lines on either side of her mouth that trailer moms get when they start mainlining mickey d's and popping out humanoid waste capsules -- body is still nice enough, but when I watch a film and she is the least attractive of the four actresses in it, something must be up... for her -- film is far more subtle than i expected, and while the ol' "college pals reuniting in the woods and something terrible happens" plotline is employed, the acting is far more subdued and realistic than i could have ever imagined -- problem is i don't care about any of their drama issues, and they are supplementing it with massive amounts of weed -- disconnect disconnect disconnect -- i think its funny that they are mocking the youngest, newest girl for looking like a dirty catholic schoolgirl, when it is exactly the sort of role swain has made her living off up until this point (which she now can't, apparently...) -- didn't expect the body possession bit; thought a witch was just going to jump out and start killing people -- should have known from the mood setting that the filmmakers were going for a different feel, but with the run of horror films over the last 15 years or so, have stopped hoping for subtlety... nice gore on victim #1, and i like how they only show his hand moving in the air in the forced angle foreframe as they attack the body to stop it for good -- trams of old london, taking my baby into the past...


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