Dr. Horrible Needs YOU!!!

Pals and Gals (and those Buffy and/or Firefly fans amongst them):

I do this viral stuff NEVER, so have a little faith in me and DO NOT take this lightly for even two seconds!

Do yourself a favor and go here immediately:


If you care about the following things: Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris; Nathan Fillion; super-villains; musicals; unrequited love in the laundromat -- and these are all things which I do -- then this is something you are going to want to see.

Act I went up on the 15th; Act II this morning; and the final act will go up on the 19th. After the 20th, the whole thing disappears. Be sure to read Joss Whedon's Master Plan page as well.

If we can't have Firefly or Buffy back (onscreen, at least... there are the comics), then we just have to take what we can get. Luckily, this is pretty damn great. Evil IS on the rise!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Boogieman aka Rik Tod


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