There Are So Many Obvious Twitter Puns Available, It Just Becomes Useless to Try...

So, here's the scoop: we are starting to populate the various social networking sites on the internet at work, and I am sort of the point man on this. As such, I suddenly get to do what we had been told just a couple of months ago not to do at work: go on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Plaxo, etc.

It's definitely a sign of the times in which we found ourselves that business has begun to turn from staid traditionalism and begun to embrace the places where the people actually are. It makes a tremendous amount of sense to do this from a marketing standpoint, even if some see all of this as rather silly. Silly or not, the way you get your name out there is promotion, and these sites provide a genuinely immediate means of doing so.

I am already somewhat well-versed in Facebook and Blogger, but really only knew about Twitter because of all the recent scandal about members of Congress tweeting during an Obama speech recently. I knew what it did, and the purpose behind it. But before I attempted to use it at work, I decided to check it out for myself. Hence:

I'm not sure it's worthwhile on a personal level, and I doubt it will bring much more attention to this blog. But it is rather fun to use, and I understood its appeal to the masses instantly upon using it. Jen has taken to calling me a "girl" for getting sucked into yet another popular culture internet device, much as she did when I started Facebook and MySpace pages, but then again, Jen enjoys calling me a "girl" on many levels. Besides, she's the Kindle nut in the house, so she's got her own techno-addiction on her hands. Literally.

And now I am tweeting constantly. For what reason, I do not know yet. I have only a handful of followers, mostly friends I am connected to elsewhere. I have Twitter connected here at the Pylon and the Facebook page so that all of my updates end up tormenting everyone that I know. I finally got my cell phone to properly connect to Twitter this morning, but I already thought I had done that, so the trio of messages I tried to send from Disneyland yesterday didn't land on my page (technically, with connections, pages) until this morning. Everything seems to be go now, and since it all ties in to the job eventually, everything seems to be worthwhile on the educational front.

One thing I will endeavor not to become: someone who posts what they ate, when they got up, saying "goodnight," etc. Weird dreams are OK, off-guard moments... oddball occurrences; so are updates on movies and plays seen or albums or songs that are impressing a certain mood upon me on my iPod on my morning and afternoon walks to and from work (40 minutes, a good length of time for most albums) -- but not just any album or song at any time. The point, I feel, is to have a point, not just to rotely dole out day-to-day details ad nauseum. It might be its initial purpose, but I am hoping that the form will serve to reveal a new art in the process.

Following a handful of comedians and celebs, I am finding that some of them are delighting in having another stage for their wackiness or their pithy comments; others are just sucked straight into the "got up and took a giant crap" arena. I mentioned to The Working Dead the other day that this could become a new form of haiku -- 140 characters, harsh in parameters, but flush with possibilities. I have thus far found some intrigue in the idea of saying what I have to say in exactly that amount of characters and spaces, sometimes going to great lengths to contort the words properly. Not every post, but several of them, and this may become my m.o. for the future.

Adapting this philosophy to my new Twittering at work will mean nada. It will be chiefly organizational news and updates... blah... But it is all experience in the end, and the more diverse one's means in the trends of the present, the more it can ultimately help you through the world to come. I hope all the platforms in which I will have to become proficient quickly will be as intriguing or fun as Twitter has been so far, though I strongly doubt it. The appeal of Twitter to me is its strictness, a brevity I am unable to attain on my own.

You might appreciate it as well for this reason alone.


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