Comics on the Road to Nowhere? Pt. 4 of 11: Trick or Treat?

My brothers continued to try and goad me into drawing, but I wasn't having it. I was already having too much fun writing these comics to even entertain the thought of drawing them too. Just not ready yet.

Besides, they served me up a softball of an opening panel. How can I resist a Halloween theme? And this is the only one of the series which came out to a conclusion which more or less represented what popped into my head upon initially seeing the first picture. I suppose that this really isn't supposed to happen when games such as this are played. After all, the point should be to see what lies ahead without considering the possibilities, rather than seek to control or guide the initial story back to where you imagined at first. But I am a control freak in many ways, especially with my own words. So this outcome is not surprising at all.

The question I would pose to my brothers would be: what popped into your head early on in creating this page?

My idea at the beginning was that the guy would be gutted by the jack-o'-lantern, and I wonder how early in the process this thought occurred to either of my brothers. Perhaps we all willed this direction. To me, it was only logical course in a game that should be guided by an utter lack of logic. Did I betray the intentions of the game, or did we all?

Here is comic #4, titled "Trick or Treat?" by Mark "Otis", Chris "The Eel" and Rik Tod Johnson.


Mark Otis said…
With this one Chris started the drawing, based upon your initial dialogue, and drew panels 1,4,5, and 8. Oh yes, this one turned out as it should, though I personally did not turn to the gore-side until your dialogue in panel 6 tempted me, and turned my hand to the slice-fest of panel 7. I am never quite pre-disposed to go in a certain direction, though when the plots are as effortless as this one, it seems fated in it outcome. Your dialogue lead the way here, to the benefit of all.

Us being who we are, the turns of plot in these comics are seemingly endless; the only limitation (and real purpose), is the limited number of panels, which grows or shrinks by a panel or so with each new comic.

I like this one a lot. Though it is not as absurd as others (which absurdity I tend to favor), it turned out very well.
Rik Tod said…
Br'er Mark,

I beg to differ on the subject of my initiating the dialogue. If you notice the first panel, I had to erase some of the darkened background with which Chris filled the panel in order to put in my words and balloon.
Mark Otis said…
Shall we always beg to differ?

You are correct of course.

I like this one, even though Chris started it.

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