Recently Rated Movies #3

I haven't gotten to the theatres since last weekend, but on Friday I thankfully received my set of The Val Lewton Horror Collection, the glories of which I will most likely pontificate on later this week. I have been waiting for this time of the year as patiently as I can, given that both the Val Lewton and King Kong sets, both overly due since the advent of DVD's, were to come out and fill sorely empty gaps in my collection. (Of course, I did have VHS copies of all of these films. But once you go DVD, it drives you mad knowing something that you love so dearly is not in the predominant format of the time.)

In the meantime, Serenity proved to be slightly more enjoyable the second time around (even though my rating for it stayed the same); The Fog proved to be made by people more dense than the titular atmospheric condition; and a handful of French and Japanese "classics" allowed me to cleanse the pallet for my week of Lewton. (This week, I also have an ongoing date with the Veronica Mars Season 1 set, that began last night and will continue until I catch the girlfriend up on all of the intrigue in snooty, dirty and underhanded Neptune, California.)

À bout de soufflé [Breathless] (1960) (DVD) - 9
Kwaidan (1964) (Criterion DVD) - 9
Bande à part [Band of Outsiders] (1964) (Criterion DVD) - 9
The Fog (2005) - 4
Serenity (2005) - 8
Cat People (1942) (DVD) - 9
Shadows in the Dark: The Val Lewton Legacy (2005) - 7
The Seventh Victim (1943) (DVD) - 8


EggOfTheDead said…
Veronica Mars, eh? Is Jen a Logan girl, a Duncan girl or a Weasel girl?

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