Recently Rated Movies #32: Recovery?

I spent a lot of November trying to get things set up online for the Gamera short, arguing with network providers and whatnot, and I spent a good portion of my energy on my efforts at work, so I was sort of wiped out when it came time to write on the blogs. Plus, I wanted to keep access to the Gamera links open and at the top of the charts until the full website became available. As a result, not a lot of posts throughout the month.

This doesn't mean that I didn't have time to watch films. No, in fact, while I didn't watch a lot of them, I did have a concentration on some films that have sparked my interest that have seemed to slip through the cracks (like Hard Candy) when they came out in the theatres or that I have put off in my Netflix queue (such as Demonlover) for a good long while. The returns turned out to be surprisingly rich in some parts, but exasperately disappointing in others. And I also now know that I have little interest in the third Saw film, even if my stock in the original, somewhat innovative film has risen slightly after seeing the annoying second edition.

Not all 6 and 7's are equals, though, and the two films that stood out most for me this time were Hard Candy and the Daniel Johnston documentary. However, if you are interested, it does help to be acquainted with his quirky but amazing music. I was wondering how I might take the film if I didn't already possess several of his albums. Watching it, I began to wonder if an outsider to this "outsider" world might believe the film is a sort of Spinal Tap-ish hoax.

As for the girlie-vs.-pedophile flick... he was asking for it... all of it...

The List:
Saw 2 (DVD, 2005) - 5; Saw (DVD, 2004) - 6; The Devil and Daniel Johnston (DVD, 2005) - 7; Hard Candy (DVD, 2005) - 7; Beowulf and Grendel (DVD, 2005) - 6; Profondo Rosso [Deep Red] (DVD, 1975) - 7; Ganja & Hess (DVD, 1973) - 6; Ju-On 2 (DVD, 2000) - 6; Demonlover (DVD, 2002) - 5; The Manchurian Candidate (DVD, 2004) - 7; Anatomie de l'enfer [Anatomy of Hell] (DVD, 2004) - 6; Nochnoy Dozor [Night Watch] (DVD, 2005) - 6; Jigoku [Hell] (DVD, 1960) - 7.


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