Recently Rated Movies #33

After launching new viewing projects for myself such as Psychotronic Ketchup and diving into work on a script for another animated film, I have not found a lot of time to watch a lot of videos. OK, I must admit that I was also playing catch-up at the theatre, and over Thanksgiving and the following week, Jen and I managed to make it to seven different films. The other problem has been with Netflix: most likely not the company's fault, mind you; but one of the films that I ordered for Psychotronic Ketchup, 1961's Anatomy of a Psycho, arrived in the mail split in twain, and when I returned it for a new copy, it had to be sent from New York -- and that one was broken into three pieces!! Yipes! Is the disc put out by some cheapjack company and therefore prone to easy snapping, does my new mailman really hate Netflix (perhaps a Blockbuster shill?), or does someone at Netflix really hate that movie and not want anyone to ever watch it? I've put in for it again, so we will see.

[Holy cats! I think I just went through an entire post with just a single paragraph! It's gotta be a new record... Oops...]

The List:
And Then There Were None (1945, DVD) - 8; Wild Guitar (1962, TCM) - 3; Mogambo (1953, TCM) - 5; The Sadist (1963, TCM) - 6; The Beast With Five Fingers (1946, TCM) - 6; King Midas (1953, TCM) - 6; Rapunzel (1951, TCM) - 6; Voodoo Moon (2005, Sci-Fi) - 3; Seven Men From Now (1956, TCM) - 7; McLintock! (1963, TCM) - 6; Forbidden Planet (1956, DVD) - 8; Dogville (2003, IFC) - 7.


I'm actually a bit surprised you scored Dogville that highly. I agree it was a powerful film, and what could have been an annoying gimick was used in an emotion heightening manner.

My problem with it was that Von Trier is just telling the same story over and over at this point. All his movies now feature women martyring themselves after a series of emotional/physical/sexual abuses. Admittedly Dogville sidestepped that a bit, but it's a formula I'm getting tired of. Especially after the emotionally catastophic Dancer In The Dark and the uncomfortably beautiful Breaking the Waves.

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