Uh... Where Was I?

Just one of those moments, mind you, where I have to reset my head and forge on anew. I have been busy at work the last couple of weeks -- not just at work, but also extending into the last pair of weekends -- and though I rarely actually think about my job on my off-time, what it does is hit me with an exacting sort of weariness that I can't seem to shake after a while. Add to this the fact that my head has been pounding with headaches for those same two weeks -- non-stop, really -- and it really starts to break you down mentally. Add to this a family situation last week that served to make me lose a triple-dose of evenings' sleep, and it becomes apparent that this builds up physically on a person, especially one in the throes of a fit of extreme busyness at work. And even though I have posted off and on in these two weeks, my heart hasn't really been in it in the frenzied way that I normally post. So, it becomes necessary for me to break the format once in a while and post a reset.

I have seen a lot of movies in this time, though, because the only thing I have been up to doing otherwise is pouring into the couch or the bed when I get off work and dig into a disc or two. (That is, when Jen isn't home also, and we aren't catching up on Heroes, Lost, The Daily Show, Robin Hood and The Colbert Report. We also have literally weeks of The Tudors and The Riches to begin watching at this moment.) Thus, there shall be a slew of Recently Rated Movies coming up, I will get the Rixflix A to Z/Z to A line revved back up, I will be posting the third part of Dylan Goes Electric (Again) (summing up my amazement at being a recent iPod convert), and will start a new series of posts on record albums (title pending).

Best of all, sometime in the next month, I will be soon posting Act the Third (not to be confused with the middling Shrek entry now in theatres, which I have seen, so I can say "middling") -- yes, Act the Third -- of Gamera Vs. Mankind, the animated kaiju opera short created by my brother Mark and myself. OK, so it's not the posting of the film, actually, but rather, the lyrics. The short is still to be completed, but we are marching towards an, I believe, August/September showing at an art film show in Santa Rosa. I like this, because I have been dragging my feet on this since the initial creative output for the piece, and my poor brother has been patiently waiting for it through my stubborn insistence that this weekend -- over and over again -- will be THE ONE where I finish it. The truth is, I meant it every single time that I said it, but starting something and doing something are two very different things. I was waiting for that moment of what the D call inspirado. And the one personal thing that I did attain this weekend, and perhaps inspired by the familial travails, was the hashing out of some actually lyrics for Gamera.
Hopefully, this will make my brother most happy.

For now, it's Onward Go and Edward, Ho! Forge on...


Matt Fosberg said…
Glad to see you're back in the swing of things. I've missed your more regular postings.

I hope the familial issues are on the upswing, and if they're not, I'm always here.

Mark Otis said…

will t'alk t'night!

- M'Otis
ak_hepcat said…
I'm a week behind in all things Rik. But this is definitely good news.

Other news is that I have to use my ticket before November, and I'm not planning on auditioning for the Halloween show.

So, I guess that's my schedule, then, for the fall. If you catch my drift.

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