Netfluxxed Beyond All Recognition Quiz #1

Those with Netflix will know instantly to what I am referring here. Ever log on to Netflix and check out your Recommendations page? I normally don't. I try to use a more intuitive and organic approach to discovering films, and enjoy making it more of a "found item" journey than one in which one corporation tries to force-feed me the goods of another corporation. But every once in a while, I like to check the Recommendations page out, mainly because its a quick and simple way to add more ratings to Netflix (which I am, now that I think of it, unsure of why I even do that since, ultimately, the only real reason to do that is to get things recommended to you -- which I don't like...)

Most of the time Netflix makes some sort of sense with their recommendations. Take, for instance, the fact they are recommending Madea's Family Reunion to me because I highly rated both Malcolm X and The Color Purple. Recommending Futurama Season 3 to me because I loved The Simpson Movie, Futurama Season 1 and The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror is a no-brainer. I get that, even though they should probably figure that if I am that far into the Groening oeuvre, then I am probably hip to Season 3 of Futurama already.

But then, Netflix produces some amazing whoppers. I am reminded of the Patton Oswalt bit about his first experience with TiVo, where he watches The Man from Laramie, a classic Anthony Mann western, and the next morning, TiVo has completely filled up with "horsie shows," a phrase Oswalt speaks in TiVo's voice, which most of us would recognize to be that of a stereotypical mentally disabled person. TiVo throws a fit trying to defend its decision, and Oswalt moans "Thank god, you don't have retard strength, TiVo..."

Hopefully, Netflix doesn't either, because I am launching a new series here, in which I will give any of my readers out there the title of the films that Netflix uses as the basis of its recommendation, and then a couple of days from now, I will let you know the actual title of the movie it actually thought would be a decent match to the previous set of films. I will even give you some capsule hints to each "enjoyed" film so that you can see just how far-ranging Netflix has gone to suggest something to me. If you can actually match my answer, I will try to come up with some sort of prize. I will be completely honest, but I can almost guarantee you, there is not a single chance in all of the Chinese hells (the Chinese have a lot of hells, you know) that you will guess it. If you do, then your name is probably Netflix...

Because you enjoyed:
1. Seven Chances (1925, directed by Buster Keaton, silent, black and white comedy, Buster runs down a mountain chased by a zillion women who want to marry him to get to his fortune)

2. The Duellists (1977, Ridley Scott's directorial debut, based on a Joseph Conrad story, Keith Carradine and Harvey Keitel are soldier rivals who duel with swords throughout the Napoleonic age)

3. Jeeves and Wooster: Season Three (1992, classic British TV comedy, P.G. Wodehouse, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie doing what they do best... make Jen and I laugh uproariously)

Based on these choices, can you guess what Netflix recommended? The answer on Friday...


Ok, you better post the answer to this in a few days. No hints? I'm digging through IMDB trying to find some connection, although I surmise that to be fruitless.
EggOfTheDead said…
The Life of Mammals (4-Disc Series)

Because you enjoyed:
The Twilight Zone: Vol. 16
Harold and Maude
Rabbit-Proof Fence


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