Netfluxxed Beyond All Recognition, Answer #1: Flamenco (1995)

I'm not saying I wouldn't want to watch an entire film filled with flamenco dancing. In fact, it could be quite entertaining, especially were it to be filmed with the flair appropriate to such a beautiful and dynamic dance form. From all signs -- largely positive reviews, high ratings from random viewers on IMDB, Netflix, Amazon and other movie boards -- Flamenco, a 1995 film by Carlos Saura, could really be something to behold.

I just don't know how it was suggested to me on Netflix.

Let me qualify this: I pretty much know how it was suggested to me. I know that they compare what you like on Netflix to what others like on Netflix, and then figure if those others like a movie you had not seen, then you would like it if you saw it. I know its a computer program using algorithms that I neither care nor want to bother caring about for too long.

But I want to pretend I just don't know how it was suggested to me on Netflix. I wish to feign astonishment for the sake of a hearty laugh, a shake of the head and a heavy sigh of disbelief. It's my world, after all.

I won't belabor this much beyond this point. I just find this all highly amusing. Given the titles I did rate highly (not even all movies I might add, nor even all in color, nor even all with sound, nor even all comedies, none of them concentrating at all on music or dance, etc., etc....), I find the connection to this film extremely tenuous by any standard. And now I am on the lookout for even crazier selections. I can't even begin to imagine.

But now, I guess I am going to have to rent Flamenco. Damn it...


yeah, I had a feeling looking for connections would be futile. I would never have guessed that.

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