There was a concentration this week on Tom and Jerry at the Cinema 4: Cel Bloc, but not the Tom and Jerry with whom most of civilization is familiar. Instead, this is a human Tom and Jerry, not a cat and mouse team, but who similarly fought, drank and played their way through nearly 30 adventures in the early 1930's for the Van Beuren Studios. The films are simple but fun (for the most part -- I take major issue with one of them), and while there were no great strides made in the art of animation, there are a handful of clever gags in most of the entries in the series. Many of them, all public domain, can actually be found at, and many others can be found on DVD; not essential viewing, but if you have the time...

This past week on Cinema 4: Cel Bloc --
Sunday, 4/30/06: In the Bag (1932) Cel Bloc Rating: 6
Monday, 5/01/06: Piano Tooners (1932) Cel Bloc Rating: 6
Tuesday, 5/02/06: Plane Dumb (1932) Cel Bloc Rating: 4
Wednesday, 5/03/06: Pencil Mania (1932) Cel Bloc Rating: 6
Thursday, 5/04/06: Rocketeers (1932) Cel Bloc Rating: 6
Friday, 5/05/06: A Spanish Twist (1932) Cel Bloc Rating: 5
Saturday, 5/06/06: The Swiss Trick (1931) Cel Bloc Rating: 6


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