Terrytoons, Warner Bros., Ted Eshbaugh, Walter Lantz, Columbia, Van Beuren, and back to Warner Bros.; we hit 'em all, or rather, we hit a bunch of studios this past week on the Cel Bloc. No plan; just jumping on to whatever film I ran across online or in my collection or on television. A little freestyle ani-hoppin', if you will.

Because we are dealing with films of a certain antiquity, I have (quite purposefully, I might add) rung up a bit of debate on the use of stereotypes in cartoons, a subject which will get touched on here and there throughout the course of the site. I will also mention that a couple of the commenters come from some interesting backgrounds and/or websites. I won't drop any names nor will I comment here on their comments (I will in later reviews, for the Cel Bloc is ever progressive and cannot be backtracked upon); suffice to say, that I would just like to draw your attention over to the reviews for the Bugs Bunny war propaganda short Any Bonds Today? to discover more.

This week on the Cinema 4: Cel Bloc -
Sunday, 5/07/06: The Prize Package (1936) Cel Bloc Rating: 6
Monday, 5/08/06:
Any Bonds Today? (1943) Cel Bloc Rating: 7
Tuesday, 5/09/06: Cap'n Cub (1945) Cel Bloc Rating: 6
Wednesday, 5/10/06: Wonderland (1931) Cel Bloc Rating: 6
Thursday, 5/11/06: Bars and Stripes (1931) Cel Bloc Rating: 7
Friday, 5/12/06: Neptune Nonsense (1936) Cel Bloc Rating: 5
Saturday, 5/13/06: Fin 'N Catty (1943) Cel Bloc Rating: 7


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