It seemed like I fought every inch of the way this week to get any of my posting done on both sites. Truly behind at work, throwing small temper tantrums along the way, and learning how to handle both Dreamweaver and Photoshop, two programs of which I went into the week with a total time experience of, oh... an hour, and that was mostly on Dreamweaver, all because I had to temporarily take over some website duties in the abscence of our graphic designer, who high-tailed it to better economic fortunes and a job more closely suited to his talents. It's been fun, but each evening I was wiped out and really fought with my self-proclaimed journaling goals.

Almost gave up on my project this week, as the only person keeping me writing at such a clip is little ol' me. But, half of the purpose of this experiment is that I keep doing it, and do it I did. It's also a little harder to do when Jen and I have the same schedules, or she has several days off in a row and we have a houseguest. The latter scenario was the case last week, so I spent a few late nights polishing off that day's review just before midnight. Luckily, I don't sleep very much, but it has led to this weekend's onslaught of blinding headaches. Despite that, I am back on track, and in a comfortable spot again.

Last week, two Barney Bears (both with Benny Burro, who also had his solo cartoon written about), two crazy Flip the Frogs, the last Popeye theatrical cartoon, and a Toonerville Trolley flick. Quality all over the scale and a couple of disturbing subtexts. One truly swell cartoon that points up exactly why I am in this experiment. Next week, a rare treasure and a handful of Aesop's Fables. And please go to to check out some interesting Chiquita Banana commercials created by Famous Studios. Weird, fleetingly offensive, and wonderful...

This week on the Cinema 4: Cel Bloc -
Sunday, 5/21/06: The Prospecting Bear (1941) Cel Bloc Rating:5
Monday, 5/22/06:
Little Gravel Voice (1942) Cel Bloc Rating: 5
Tuesday, 5/23/06: Half-Pint Palomino (1953) Cel Bloc Rating: 6
Wednesday, 5/24/06: Funny Face (1932) Cel Bloc Rating: 6
Thursday, 5/25/06: Toonerville Trolley (1936) Cel Bloc Rating: 5
Friday, 5/26/06: Spooky Swabs (1957) Cel Bloc Rating: 4
Saturday, 5/27/06: Spooks (1931) Cel Bloc Rating: 7


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