I'm Gonna Wash that Grey Right Out of My Blog!

So, you heard me whining the other day about those "little grey spots" that started to appear on my blog (but only if you were looking on a Mac) about two weeks ago. My pal Chewy couldn't see it on his end, and thus was unable to assist me. I contacted Blogger through their Help Forum, but naturally didn't hear back on this, though I never really expected anyone to do so. And as I said before, I signed up for email responses to my inquiry, which enabled me to happily (grrr...) receive a daily email, in which dozens of new and old Blogger problems were made even more confusing by the general public's inability to construct even a halfway intelligent missive. (Just because you don't have to write letters anymore doesn't mean that you shouldn't be clear when asking for help...) And, naturally, not a single response on any of these emails to my problem with the little grey spots.

In receiving the latest version of the Million Problems on Blogger email, and upon not seeing, yet again, a solution to my misery, I decided to check out my original query in case I had missed something along the way. Assuredly, there was no reply logged there, so I did a search for the word "grey." Instantly, tens of similar inquiries to mine popped up, all of them wailing about these little grey spots appearing on their Blogger pages. The one logged just before mine, from Pop Guru on March 29, detailed nearly the same sad story of which I had made great and public despairing, and checking out his blog, there was indeed a box sitting right on top of his opening post. But then, checking the "grey" search page again, the message just below Pop Guru's was from some kind soul responding to yet another grey-embattled blogger.

They supplied a link to an earlier thread detailing how to fix the problem: reduce the number of posts on one's homepage. So simple. Myself, I had the Pylon set to only 30 days, which sometimes could mean about 20 posts or so, and sometimes only a dozen. But I went into my settings page and knocked it down from 30 days to 15 posts.

In the immortal words of Mumford the Magician: ALA PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES!! POOF!

The spots are gone!

Fearing that Pop Guru would go unanswered (after all, his blog appeared to still have the problem for at least three months), I replied to him with the same thread in order to keep this thing moving along. It's sad Blogger doesn't have a clearer way of alerting its users to these various problems. It would seem to me that with proper organization and design, a way could be found to make these things less vexing for everyone, including Blogger. Certainly, they don't have time to answer everyone personally, but man, is it a pain in the ass when something weird happens out of the blue (for a long time I had about a 100 posts on my homepage for three years, and never had this little grey spot problem; I knocked it down to 30 days only about six months ago).

But, Blogger is absolutely free. So, what do you want for nothing? R-r-r-r-r-rubber Biscuit?


Chewy said…
Now i see the spots....

*that was 100 percent lie*

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