Flickchart Comment #17: Stardust (2007) over Carlito's Way (1994)

Spent a fair amount of time in the past doing my Pacino impression from Carlito's Way, which doesn't involve any clumsy attempts at replicating his voice. It required a prop with which to perform it as well -- an escalator, in fact -- and I believe the last time I pretended to be Al Pacino fending off assholes on a falsely, incredibly long Grand Central escalator was on the actually incredibly long escalators at Universal Studios Hollywood in 1994. No dialogue for me, just action. A solidly stupid, action impersonation.

As a film, though, Carlito's Way has pretty much stood for me as the last time I was fully caught up in a Brian De Palma film without irony thoroughly soaking the entire viewing. Stardust, on the other hand, disappointed me from the standpoint that I much preferred the novel (but that is usually going to happen with Gaiman stories), though the film itself is a pretty good time that I have already revisited a couple times since.

Going off of current influence (I haven't seen Carlito's since it debuted), I am going to fly via Stardust.

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