Halloween! ["Happy" adjective only applicable depending on your situational POV...]

Oh, so this is the big thing to which we have been counting down? Anything feel noticeably different now that we are here? Do you feel any different?

Me? I am doing the same thing that I always do, 365-12, 24-7. Halloween might be a date on the calendar to the general public, but for the vast majority involved in this Countdown to Halloween blogroll, our great love for the traditions of the holiday is something we tend to celebrate throughout the entire year.

Speaking for myself, counting down a mere 31 days until a calendar point is actually rather, for lack of a better term, pointless. Not that I haven't had fun concentrating on blogging once again, but being in the Countdown hasn't garnered me one single comment out of the normal few friends that are kind enough to stop by and pay a visit to my too long dormant working notebook. Sure, I can't wait for Halloween to roll around, but chiefly because it convinces people who would normally "tsk, tsk" such obsessions to drop their guard a little bit and let the rest of us fly our freak flags without judgmental commentary. Not that I don't enjoy being given a chance to tell "the general public" to shove their negativity up their collective ass, but it is nice once in a while to hide unnoticed amongst the phonies dressed up for what they consider to be just another holiday.

But I don't feel any different today. There is no power in waking up into a holiday, except that which you have created within your mind. I got up like I normally do on a weekend, watched a movie, wrote a little bit on a short story I started a couple of weeks ago, took a shower, fed the dogs, and saw Jen out the door and off to work. I stacked up a few DVDs of which I have passing interest in viewing today and made some breakfast.

Nothing different, nothing ghostly, and nothing spooky except that which is derived from dwelling within the atmosphere I myself created within the apartment for the holiday. A lot of monster toys, some minor decorative effects and glowing devices, and a grinning, big-eyed, triple-fanged lit pumpkin. Perhaps there will be trick-or-treaters knocking on my door today; perhaps not. I will not be attending any parties or performances. I am going to just spend a quiet, relaxing day doing what Michael Scott on The Office, in what might be the most brilliant line recently written about October 31, suggested: "Halloween should be a day where we honor monsters and not be mad at each other." 



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